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The Interdisciplinary Journal for the Studies of the Sahel (a specialized section of Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies) is an on-line, open access, and peer reviewed scholarly journal devoted to research and analysis of policy, economic, social and political experiences of the Sahel region. The Journal is seeking submissions from all disciplinary fields of academic inquiry, including the arts, humanities, social sciences and STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). To read more, please click on the links below.


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The Moral Economy of Hunger: Lessons from the US and the Sahel

Marcel Kitissou provocatively charts the cartography of hunger in Sahelian Africa and the United States to challenge dominant representations of the spaces of hunger and, in the face of the proliferation of hunger, call for a “moral economy” that can reconcile “personal responsability (oikois) and social ┬ásolidarity (polis).”the-moral-economy-of-hunger-lessons-from-the-us-and-the-sahel-final