France and the United States in Western Sahel: Cooperation and Competition in an Interlocking Conflict-Conference Presentation





This paper was presented by Marcel Kitissou at the Symposium on Development, Extremism, Security and the State in Africa organized by Cornell Institute for African Development’s Symposium on October 28-29, 2016.


The Sahel at the Crossroads

“The Sahel at the CrossRoads”, the special issue of African Renaissance vol 10, no.1 2013 featuring Sahel Consortium members and edited by Professor Marcel Kitissou is now available.


The authors address the contentious history of French military intervention’s in the Sahel, the complex nexus of jihadi’s, illicit financial flows and criminality in West Africa, the much less discussed activism of France in the War on Terror in Africa and a methodological assessment on the effects of climate change on violent conflict.

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