Lessons from countering the corona virus for war and violence – containment, common security and cooperation.

Lessons from countering the corona virus for war and violence –
containment, common security and cooperation

Andreas Herberg-Rothe




The initial measures against the spread of the new corona-virus could be summarized by one word – containment of the virus and hindering its spreading.

The world is engulfed in the ‘Corona Virus’ pandemic. As national health
systems are being stretched to their limits, countries are closing their
borders, banning travel, and isolating themselves…all in an
international co-operative strategy to contain its spread and eliminate
this pandemic.

Andreas Herberg-Rothe sees valuable lessons in this international
co-operation to be used to contain war and violence. Taking a leaf out
of the broad ‘containment theory’ articulated by the late George Kennan
in an anonymous article published in 1947 in the FP magazine, Andreas
proposes a containment strategy for the world from the scourge of
terrorism, religious fanaticism, and wars for world dominance (both
proxy as well as interventions). This strategy for ‘common security’ can
succeed only if it respects pluralism of cultures, religions, and social
M Matheswaran.

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