The Interdisciplinary Journal for the Studies of the Sahel: Vision and Mission Statements

“As the Prime Minister of England, Lord Salisbury, expressed in his famous speech in the Albert Hall on May 4, 1898: ‘One can roughly divide the nations of the world into the living and the dying.”

It was an image that came frighteningly close to reality.  The weak nations become increasingly weaker and the strong stronger, Salisbury went on.  It was in the nature of things that “living nations will fraudulently encroach on the territory of the dying.”

“You already know enough. So, do I. It is not knowledge we lack. What is missing is the courage to understand what we know and to draw conclusions”.

Quotations from Sven Lindqvist, Exterminate All the Brutes, 1997).

With The Interdisciplinary Journal for the Studies of the Sahel, what we offer to the readers is to deconstruct what has been constructed and re-frame the rhetoric about the Sahel region.

Vision and Mission Statements


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